Exploring the waterfront in Lima, Peru.

Peru Days 9-10: Back to Lima

Continuing our trip down memory lane…

Sunday, September 3, 2017

After our adventures at super high altitudes, we were very happy to be back at sea level.  We loved our time in Peru, but between altitude sickness and stomach issues, we didn’t have a ton of energy for our final stop in Lima.  Luckily our time at “lower elevation” on the plane fixed most of the major issues and everyone was feeling mostly better, so we decided to see as much as our recovering bodies would allow.  Miraflores was our first stop where we wandered a bit and got lunch.


Since we were fairly close to the ocean, we decided to go have a look.  There was a clifftop park that ended up being a bit inappropriate for the kids.  As we got closer, we noticed the name was the Love Park and the statue drew the kids eyes.  After some giggles, we moved on fairly rapidly.


We continued down the path, wandered the cliffs, and after a little debate about whether the walk back up would be worth it, decided to go ahead and take the nice walk down to the beach.  There were a ton of people trying to sell surf lessons to the boys, but otherwise, not a lot that we could do in street clothes.  We decided to take one of the overpriced cabs back to the city center.  Uber wasn’t working well, or we may have tried that.


Once we got to the historic city center, we decided a coffee shop would be nice, and had fun exploring the main pedestrian streets for quite a while trying to find one, eventually settling for Starbucks.  After a short rest, we continued to Chinatown and got ice cream, a pork bun, and some churros.

Shortly after this, we wandered into a local market that was quite vibrant and gave us a good feel for what it would would be like to live in the city.  There was a church parade that was quite interesting.


By this time, we were all extremely exhausted and decided to head back to the hotel and went to bed super early – though it was a nice day exploring.

Monday, September 4, 2017

In the morning, we had another nice breakfast.  I really liked the baked tomatoes.  We arrived at the airport and since we had kids, we were waved into the short checkin line.  Most places only do that with younger children, but we had no complaints.  We got some coffee, then boarded our plane back to home!

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