Japan 2016 Day 8: Tokyo

Sunday, November 27, 2016

We spent the morning of our last day in Japan on the train from Kyoto to Tokyo.  Unlike the way to Kyoto, the clouds were much higher and we were able to get a good look at Mt. Fuji.  Make sure that you request the Mt. Fuji side of the train when you make reservations.


On arrival, we stored our suitcases in a locker, then headed out to the Imperial Palace.


Only the East Gardens are typically accessible to the public.  Otherwise, you need to book a tour to see more or visit on one of the two days of the year that the gates are open to the public.  You still won’t be able to go inside the buildings, but you will get to see much more than the gardens.


At this point, we decided to head to Ginza and enjoyed seeing the bustle of the high end shopping district.  While there, a news crew stopped us and asked if we would be willing to be interviewed.  I was a bit nervous, but Jeremy seemed enthusiastic.  I froze a bit when asked about what more I wanted to see, but otherwise, it was a lot of fun and the kids thought it was cool that they were filmed for TV.


From here, we picked up our bags, took the train to the airport, and began the long journey home.  Super fun!

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