Sunsets Around the World: 2018

Looking back at our 2018 travel photos, I realized that we got quite a few shots of amazing sunsets, and even a few sunrises.

Favorite Sunsets

Georgia, U.S.A.

We saw several nice sunsets during our road trip last December through the Southeast US – this was while leaving Georgia.  Gorgeous!

Bali, Indonesia

During our 5-week trip from New Zealand to Japan, Jeremy and James encountered this sunset on Seminyak Beach in Bali.


This was a great place to have some downtime.  Lots of beach time, super inexpensive surf lessons, and good food all made this a fabulous stop.


Delhi, India

In Delhi, the smog made the sunsets a little interesting.  Our first day in Delhi was really not so bad:

When we returned two weeks later, we were horrified by how bad it could get:


Bikaner, India

In Bikaner, we enjoyed a sunset tuk-tuk tour in much cleaner air:


Khuri Desert, India

And in Khuri, we took a sunset camel tour through the desert.  For the boys, this was the highlight of our time in India!


Even the camels seemed to enjoy the sunset.


Jaisalmer, India

Jaisalmer is a beautiful lake town.  Make sure that if you visit, you are near the water for sunset.


The boys would have loved some paddle boat time, but Jeremy and I were a bit too exhausted from day after day of fast paced road tripping.


Sydney, Australia

And in Sydney, the Opera House is beautiful in the sunset:


Cairo, Egypt

We weren’t in the most scenic spots while in Cairo during sunset, but they were still pretty cool:

Sorrento, Italy

In Sorrento, the town with tons of lemons, we thoroughly enjoyed viewing the sunset from the cliffs:


Death Valley National Park, California, U.S.A.

Jeremy decided to take a solo road-trip through three of California’s national parks.  This one is actually a sunrise, but isn’t it surprising what the center of Death Valley can look like:


Texas and Oklahoma, U.S.A.

And when we did our family road trip from Texas to Florida, we encountered this sunset at the Texas boarder:


It got nicer as we crossed into Oklahoma, seeing the sunset over the prairie:


Bonus 2019 Sunrises and Sunsets

These photos don’t really count as part of 2018, but since they are really pretty and were in the first two weeks of January, I will go ahead and include them.

Jacksonville Beach

On New Year’s morning, Jeremy woke a bit earlier than the rest of us and was able to capture this amazing photo:



And a couple of days later, when we were on the gulf-side of Florida, he was up early again:


Reykjavik, Iceland

When Jeremy took another solo trip to Iceland in January, he was was able to catch some amazing sunrises, quite late in the morning, after 11:00.  Here are a few near Thingvellir National Park:

This one near Geysir, Iceland isn’t really a sunset, but simply indicative of the sun never getting high in the sky in the winter there:


And another at the Gullfoss Waterfall.


2018 in Review

And there you have it, a full year of our sunrise and sunset photos!  We really are blessed to have been able to visit all of these places.

Keep reading our travel blog for more travel lists:

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