Sunsets Around the World: 2018

Looking back at our 2018 travel photos, I realized that we got quite a few shots of amazing sunsets, and even a few sunrises.

Favorite Sunsets

Georgia, U.S.A.

We saw several nice sunsets during our road trip last December through the Southeast US – this was while leaving Georgia.  Gorgeous!

Bali, Indonesia

During our 5-week trip from New Zealand to Japan, Jeremy and James encountered this sunset on Seminyak Beach in Bali.


This was a great place to have some downtime.  Lots of beach time, super inexpensive surf lessons, and good food all made this a fabulous stop.


Delhi, India

In Delhi, the smog made the sunsets a little interesting.  Our first day in Delhi was really not so bad:

When we returned two weeks later, we were horrified by how bad it could get:


Bikaner, India

In Bikaner, we enjoyed a sunset tuk-tuk tour in much cleaner air:


Khuri Desert, India

And in Khuri, we took a sunset camel tour through the desert.  For the boys, this was the highlight of our time in India!


Even the camels seemed to enjoy the sunset.


Jaisalmer, India

Jaisalmer is a beautiful lake town.  Make sure that if you visit, you are near the water for sunset.


The boys would have loved some paddle boat time, but Jeremy and I were a bit too exhausted from day after day of fast paced road tripping.


Sydney, Australia

And in Sydney, the Opera House is beautiful in the sunset:


Cairo, Egypt

We weren’t in the most scenic spots while in Cairo during sunset, but they were still pretty cool:

Sorrento, Italy

In Sorrento, the town with tons of lemons, we thoroughly enjoyed viewing the sunset from the cliffs:


Death Valley National Park, California, U.S.A.

Jeremy decided to take a solo road-trip through three of California’s national parks.  This one is actually a sunrise, but isn’t it surprising what the center of Death Valley can look like:


Texas and Oklahoma, U.S.A.

And when we did our family road trip from Texas to Florida, we encountered this sunset at the Texas boarder:


It got nicer as we crossed into Oklahoma, seeing the sunset over the prairie:


Bonus 2019 Sunrises and Sunsets

These photos don’t really count as part of 2018, but since they are really pretty and were in the first two weeks of January, I will go ahead and include them.

Jacksonville Beach

On New Year’s morning, Jeremy woke a bit earlier than the rest of us and was able to capture this amazing photo:



And a couple of days later, when we were on the gulf-side of Florida, he was up early again:


Reykjavik, Iceland

When Jeremy took another solo trip to Iceland in January, he was was able to catch some amazing sunrises, quite late in the morning, after 11:00.  Here are a few near Thingvellir National Park:

This one near Geysir, Iceland isn’t really a sunset, but simply indicative of the sun never getting high in the sky in the winter there:


And another at the Gullfoss Waterfall.


2018 in Review

And there you have it, a full year of our sunrise and sunset photos!  We really are blessed to have been able to visit all of these places.

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