Brave new world

With everything going on in the world these days, naturally we’re concerned about everybody being safe and healthy. That said, we are still wondering when things will be resolved and it will be safe to travel again.

Looking back, and checking out old pictures, we’re really grateful that we were able to go to some of those places. We started writing this blog to keep track of our “sabbatical” in 2018, and then tried writing up notes of some previous and ongoing trips, to help us and our kids remember them better.

Our last big trip was around Christmas time to Thailand, and we’ve been writing up trailing posts. But we’re also wondering when the next time might really be? The idea of casually getting into an Uber or a plane is mildly concerning right now, after a couple months of sanitizing everything in sight.

In the mean time, we’ve been spending more time on the bike trails in our neighborhood and exploring other outdoor sites where it’s safe to do so.


But who knows – when we were about to have kids, we almost implicitly assumed that it would be impossible to travel with children. Part of our reason for writing the blog is to help show that it is possible, albeit with some real adjustments (spoiler: it is more effort to travel with a stroller and diapers than pre-kids).

In the meantime, we’ll continue to slowly write up some old trips, and hope that it’s possible to have something new to write up at some point.

One other closing idea – last fall, we found it possible to subscribe to Japanese candy box online, where they mail you a box of Japanese candy every month – e.g. “Japan Crate” is one such service, but there are several. We only did it for a few months, partly because our boys ate it a bit too quickly. We might restart, or check other similar ideas, as it may be a way to feel outside our “quarantine bubble” for now!


Keep reading our travel blog for more adventures around the world!

Here are some blog posts from our adventures in 2020 and 2021:

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