Day 2 morning: Barcelona, Spain

On our second day in Barcelona (in 2016), we decided to move away from the Gothic Quarter located in the Ciutat Vella District, and focus on the modern Gaudí architecture in the Eixample District. If you are looking for a way to get your kids interested in architecture, these buildings are a good place to start. They are pretty interesting – they look maybe as if someone were on LSD while designing them, and definitely one of a kind.

Plaça de Catalunya

Our morning started with a walk along La Rambla to a bakery, then to Plaça de Catalunya. Little boys always seem to delight in flocks of pigeons.


Gaudí Architecture

From here we headed into the Eixample District, best known for its high end shopping, nightlife, and Gaudí Architecture. Antonio Gaudí lived from 1852-1926, and is known for his Catalan Modernism designs. There are lots of wavy lines, sometimes bright colors, and enough bizarreness to make you wonder if you are seeing things right.

Here is a nice garden that we wandered by, as well as Casa Batlló:

And here is a picture of the Casa Milá:


We didn’t get a lot of great pictures (we visited here long before we decided to start keeping a blog), but there are plenty of other websites with stunning photography. You should make sure that also stop by the bright and eye catching Park Guell. The kids will be delighted!


We since it was getting towards siesta time, we started winding down for the morning.

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