A Morning in St. Pete, Florida

On our last day of our recent Florida trip, we had an afternoon flight out of Tampa (flights worked out better that way). As we tried to figure out the best way to spend the morning, we were originally thinking about Clearwater Beach – which is a nice beach, but we’d already had plenty of sand and sun. We decided to go to St Petersburg, which ended up being a great choice. It’s definitely a nice place to spend a some hours near the water.

As a backstory, we’d just spent the previous day at Disney World Magic Kingdom, and drove 1.5 hours afterwards to the Tampa area, from where we had our flight home. We only got to bed around midnight and we were quite exhausted, so we ended up sleeping a bit later than we expected. We still wanted to do something before the flight, but decided that the beach was not it.

St. Petersburg

The traffic was somewhat busier than we expected, we realize that it was probably because it was a Saturday. But we finally made it to St. Petersburg!

We parked near St. Pete’s Pier and on the way, we spotted signs for a Formula 1 Race. Hearing the noise, we decided to go investigate. To John’s delight, we were able to peek through some holes in the fence and watch some cars race by!

As we continued to walk, we saw a nice looking restaurant by the water and stopped for some fish tacos. We probably should have asked the market price for the grouper, but they were quite tasty. Trying to replicate our time in Peru, we also ordered some ceviche, but it was mildly disappointing.

Next up was a delightful walk along St. Pete’s Pier. There is nothing like a peaceful walk in a stunning location to revive the senses! There were a number of art stalls and some musicians out as well.

We didn’t have a lot of time, but we made it to the end and had just enough time to get back to our car and start our drive to the airport.

St. Petersburg has much more to offer than this. During a previous trip here, we were also in a time crunch and only managed to see Demens Landing Park. Hopefully next time around we will be able to spend more time here and really explore the town!

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