India Day 6: Jodhpur

Saturday, January 21, 2018

Our first stop in Jodhpur was the Mehrangarh Fort, which was quite impressive.  One thing we have appreciated about this tour is that the sites keep getting better and better.  We had the option of doing this tour in reverse direction, starting with the Taj Mahal, but this has worked out really well.  Unfortunately one of our kids was quite ill with stomach issues (see the last post about expired Indian sweets) and all he was able to manage was a quick walk about.

We also got a great view of the city.


Our driver really wanted us to see the Jaswant Temple, so we reluctantly made a quick stop there, even though all we really wanted to do was to get our son to a hotel.

On arrival to Jodhpur, our driver found us a fabulous hotel room at the Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli in the old city.  It was probably bigger than some of our friends’ homes in the Bay Area.  There was a gigantic sitting room, a bathtub that was bigger than a hot tub (given the typical hot water situation in India, I wonder if the bathtub has ever been filled), plus several bedrooms, all for only $55.  It was definitely an old room – but it had a lot of accompanying grandeur, which is the point of staying in a haveli. It also made us feel like we were in India.

We put our sick kid to bed, then Jeremy and our driver Jay took the other boy out to explore the town.  They really liked an old step well that was very elaborate, but turned out to be a miniature version of another well that we saw later in the trip.  Yes, those steps in the picture are part of the well.


They wandered for a while, visited a local market, where they bought some spices, and they generally had a good time.


Once they returned, we decided to see if we could eat some real food.  Jeremy and our healthy boy had a few cookies for lunch, but other than a couple bites of banana, that was all any of us had since breakfast.  Our hotel had a rooftop restaurant, so we decided to try that.  Amazing!  The food was great, the view couldn’t have been much better, and including drinks, we only spent about $16 total.


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Everyone woke up feeling much better.  Yay!  We started with breakfast at the hotel, then took a short walk to try and find the water well.  No luck, but we did see a ton of cows and some remnants of the Saturday market.

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  1. this is such an unique architecture!! impressive, hope some day have the chance to discover India and Jodhpar 🙂 thank you for sharing these photos 🙂 happy travels, PedroL


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