A Day in Kotor, Montenegro

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

After an unexpectedly eventful drive from Mostar, Bosnia, to Kotor, Montenegro, we arrived in pouring rain and checked into our accommodations.  It was a super cute, and quite large, apartment with a balcony and an awesome view of both the the fortress and the Church of Our Lady of Remedy.  Definitely a pleasant place to wait out the rain.


Once the sun came back out, we decided to brave the cruise ship crowds, reinforcing our ideas of avoiding cruise ships when at all possible.  It was still fun, but the small city was overrun with with noisy tourists.  With the charm of the city, it had more of a Disneyland-like feel.  Or maybe a bit more similar to Rotenburg, Germany.

John really liked all of the signs of castle fortification.

We toured a few churches, delighting in the novelty of the orthodox churches.  Since then, we have seen quite a few more orthodox churches, particularly while in Ukraine.


Exhausted from our drive and wearing thin from the crowds, we went back to the apartment to rest.  We really should have hiked the city walls up to St. John’s Fortress, but there comes a point after traveling for a while when you simply need a day, or an afternoon, to relax.  This was that day for us. We’d recommend hiking to the fortress on the mountain though.

Once all the cruise ship passengers headed back to their ship, we were really able to enjoy the city.  So peaceful and lovely!


And the evening views of the fortress were quite nice.  We picked up some bread and cheese for dinner.  Sometimes it is nice to just do something simple while traveling.

Wednesday, June 25, 2015

After some time enjoying our balcony and a cereal breakfast we decided to head out.  The driveway was both steep, narrow, and curvy, so continuing our Bosnian theme of car trouble, we managed to avoid clipping the car, but did bottom out coming off the ramp.  Sigh.  In combination with a few dings from the farm road in Bosnia, we were resigned to having to pay some of our car rental damage deductible.  Fortunately, it ended up not being that bad.

On to Dubrovnik, Croatia!

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