Waterfront in Antibes, France

South of France: Day Trip West of Nice (Antibes)

On our second full day in Nice, France, we decided to take a day trip to Antibes, best known for its amazing Old Town and the yachting culture. This describes a trip we did in 2012, when our kids were preschool age.

Getting to Antibes

Since we were still without a car, we took the easy 12-minute train ride from our base in Nice.

Exploring the Waterfront

On arrival, we decided to go check out the water. As expected, the boats in the harbor were quite nice looking.

The color of the water was beautiful and we enjoyed the 10th century walls that enclosed the city.

The boys were fairly exited to be there and enjoyed looking at the beach.

Waterfront in Antibes, France

Lovely! Too bad it was too cold to get in, so later in the day we bought some sandwiches and enjoyed them on the beach.

Beach in Antibes, France

Exploring the City

The Old Town is really nice, and we spent quite a while simply wandering.

Wandering the Old Town in Antibes, France

We also visited Fort Carré, but since our photographer (Jeremy) was still sick and was getting tired, we didn’t take as many pictures as we should have. The ones we did take didn’t turn out good enough to keep.

The boys particularly enjoyed the playground in Antibes. It looked wonderful, but definitely didn’t feel as safe as most American playgrounds. One observation we have made is that playgrounds in other countries are not as rubber padded as typical playgrounds in California, but they are much more fun! Fortunately, there were no broken bones.

Overall, we found Antibes to be a very pleasant coast-side city to visit, probably our favorite in the Nice area, and could have spent somewhat more time.

With exhaustion levels running high – we were getting over colds, we decided to head back to Nice a bit earlier than planned. On the way out of the city, we stopped by the Russian Orthodox church with onion domes. If you want to see more churches in this style, check out out post on Churches of Ukraine.

Church in Antibes, France

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