Marblehead, Massachusetts

Having just moved back to the Boston area this past spring, our family has continued to take day trips to explore our new area. This particular weekend in October took us to Marblehead on the North Shore. As it turns out, we didn’t end up doing all that much, but we found the area to be very pretty and it is on our list of places to return.

We started by driving across the causeway to Marblehead Neck, the area of land that looks a bit like an island, and made our way to Chandler Hovey Park, at the tip. This was followed by lunch in town, and then we headed to Devereux Beach.

Chandler Hovey Park

The park is small, but has delightful views!

There is a rather strange looking lighthouse.

And plenty of places for kids to scramble around on giant boulders.

We spent a while simply enjoying the atmosphere.

And when the kids got bored, there was a tiny beach with plenty of stones for skipping.

Lunch in Town

With Covid-19 in full swing, we were a little uncomfortable with a sit-down restaurant, so we decided to try Mino’s Roast Beef, to go.

Unfortunately, the menu was HUGE, and we made the mistake of not actually ordering roast beef sandwiches. When we later looked at the reviews, we learned that most people think the roast beef sandwiches are pretty good, but less so of everything else. Oh well, lessons learned.

Devereux Beach

From here, we decided to take the boys to Devereux Beach.

If you are looking for sand, this is not the place for you. There is a tiny patch of it near the playground, but even there, your feet might not like the rocks that are mixed in.

But if it is cold out, and you enjoy skipping rocks, it is great!

We found a nice spot to sit while the boys outlined us in rocks.

Then we took a walk to the end of the beach. To our horror, we discovered that a spider had recently hatched some eggs and the shore was swarming with spiders! I danced around a bit as I tried to avoid having them crawl up my legs. The boys flicked one off my jacket, but otherwise I was mostly successful in avoiding them.

Needless to say, we decided to turn back. Not wanting to risk sit with the spiders, we decided to head out. If the boys would have been a little younger, and it wasn’t Covid-19 times, we probably would have stopped at the playground.

With the exception of the spiders (which were hopefully just a fluke), it was a great day!

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