Wingaersheek Beach: North Shore, Massachusetts

If you are looking for fun beaches on Massachusetts‘ North Shore, consider Wingaersheek Beach for your next family trip. Our family visited in March and had a delightful, if slightly cold and windy, time! It’s down the road from Gloucester, which is also a nice visit.

The Logistics

Located on the northwest side of Gloucester, along Ipswich Bay, Wingaersheek Beach is an easy day trip from the Boston area.

Parking is somewhat limited, so if you want to make sure you get a spot, arrive early. The main parking lot is closed from November 1 to March 31, but there are a few spots available outside the main lot. Once it re-opens for the season, expect parking to cost approximately $30-$35, depending on whether it is a weekday, weekend, or holiday.

Note that during the winter months dogs are allowed off leash on odd numbered days.

The Beach

Wingaersheek Beach is reasonably long, has white sand, plus plenty of rocks to climb. When looking at where to go, it is reported that the waves are usually quite small and the drop-off quite shallow, making it a great beach if you are traveling with kids.

If you get out on the rocks, you are likely to be delighted by the tide pools.

Being March, the water (and air) was quite cold, but our son decided to bring a bag with some sweat pants and brave the water.

At one point, he found some really cool sand that didn’t seem all that far off from quick sand. It reminded him a bit of the Dead Sea mud, but at just above freezing temperatures, it was quite different than the sweltering heat we experienced in Israel.

Our other son had no urge to risk the frostbite and was perfectly happy just walking and enjoying the views.

The views really are quite lovely.

The main problem is the wind. If you are there on a cold day, make sure you have a hat and gloves. See the ripples the wind made in the beautiful white sand:

As you continue down the beach, the landscape will change, and will eventually turn into impassible marsh land.

What a lovely beach!

If you are near Gloucester, consider visiting Wingaersheek Beach!

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