Ben & Jerry’s Factory: Waterbury, VT

As we continue to wait out Covid travel restrictions, we are using the opportunity to look back in time and remember some of the fun places we have visited before starting our blog. This series will cover a road trip from Boston, Massachusetts, to Quebec City, Canada.

When looking at route options, a stop in Vermont may be in order and Burlington may top your list. On the shores of Lake Champlain, it has plenty to offer: a cute historic downtown, cultural activities from being in a college town (UVM), a walking/bike path along the water, beaches and other water activities, plus close proximity to hiking trails and other day trip activities.

On this particular road trip, we decided to spend one night in Burlington, Vermont, making sure to stop at the Ben & Jerry’s factory on the way. At only 29 miles from Burlington, and conveniently located along the highway, this will help break up the drive and delight your kids!

The Logistics

What: Ben & Jerry’s Factory

Where: 1281 Waterbury-Stowe Road Waterbury, VT 05676

Cost: 30 minute tour is $4/$3/free for adult/senior/child from 0-11

Covid Notes: The factory tours will not be running until Covid restrictions lift. Until then, visitors are only allowed to buy ice cream at the Scoop Shop and visit the Flavor Graveyard.

The Factory

Since we visited long before Covid, our boys were delighted by the 30 minute tour! Who wouldn’t love to learn how ice cream is made and see the giant machines in work. A large part of the tour is actually a video, but you do get to see a part of the factory, plus you get to try a sample at the end.

One of the most fascinating facts is that if you work at the Ben & Jerry’s factory, you can take home up to 3 pints of ice cream per day. Hopefully most of these worker are sharing with their friends, rather than eating it all themselves…

And once you are done with your tour, if you find that the sample was not large enough, you can visit the scoop shop or the gift shop.

Just make sure that if there are still Covid 19 restrictions in place, you probably want to check the factory website to verify that tours are actually happening.

The Flavor Graveyard

Before you leave, make sure you stop by the Flavor Graveyard! It is a bit odd, but it is fun to remember the flavors of your youth that you can no longer find.

Burlington, Vermont

When you finish, head into Burlington, visit Church Street, and take a stroll or a bike ride by Lake Champlain! You may even be able to rent a boat and get out on the water.

What a fun brief road trip stop in Vermont!

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