Here We Go Again

After completing a 5-week mini-sabbatical in the spring, we have decided to continue our adventures through the summer!

IMG_20180604_145633334_HDR copy

Once making this decision, options seemed endless and a bit daunting, but we chugged forward. Jeremy returned to work, the boys enjoyed a week at home, and I found a live-in house sitter and wrapped up other house-related things.

I invited my dad to join the boys and me in a cross-country road trip. We packed our bags, hopped in the car and drove through Death Valley, visited some relatives in Colorado, and popped into the Football Hall of Fame and the Baseball Hall of Fame. Fun! We had a week long breather, spending time with my parents and sister in New Hampshire. Jeremy wrapped things up in work and flew out to New Hampshire for a few days.

Now, we are on our next major adventure that will continue through the summer. Our trip is starting in the Boston Airport, where we were delighted to find a Dunkin’ Donuts with amazing views of the planes.


After layovers in both Frankfurt and Vienna, our first destination will be Cairo, Egypt!


Keep reading our travel blog for more posts from our Gap Year:

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